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Willow Springs is published twice a year, in spring and fall. We accept manuscript submissions between September 1 and May 31.

All submissions are currently closed.

We publish poetry, fiction, and nonfiction of literary merit. We also interview authors but do not accept unsolicited interviews. Translations are welcome if you have acquired publication permission from the author of the original work. Though Willow Springs has a broad aesthetic, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the magazine before you submit. In most cases, we respond within eight weeks, though we ask that you do not follow up on a submission unless it has been longer than four months since you sent it.

We offer two complimentary copies for work we publish. Accepted works will appear in Willow Springs. They may also appear on the Willow Springs website or in promotional material, and, at a later date, in a Willow Springs anthology. Submitted work must be previously unpublished. We accept simultaneous submissions.

Willow Springs now accepts all genres online. Unfortunately, we no longer accept hard-copy manuscripts via snail mail. To submit fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, you can sign in to our online system, where, in addition to submitting work, you can check the status of your submission, withdraw submissions if necessary, and save on postage.

Please keep in mind that submissions are currently closed.

Important poetry information: if you plan to submit poetry online, please be aware that not all document types will maintain correct formatting. For best results, please submit poetry as a PDF or in RTF format. In addition, the online submission manager only allows one document per submission; if you wish to submit multiple poems at once, please combine them into a single document with appropriate page breaks. To withdraw a single poem (or anything less than the full submission), please contact us directly rather than using the online submission manager to withdraw.