Willow Springs: Issue 75
Rose Garden 2010 (detail) by Joan Snyder, Paper pulp, fabric, rosebuds 27” x 34”. Courtesy of the Artist.
Willow Springs 75 Spring 2015

Alex Chertok The Question
Jude Deason Goat Head Weed
Kathleen Flenniken Shhh
Dave Jarecki Brothers
Liz Kay Rendering— The Witch Boils
Gingerbread— The Witch Remembers
The Witch Discusses the Impossibility of Flight
Zakia Rubab Khwaja Stones Hold Water
Dana Levin Melancholia
Merit O'Hare Ornithology
Annette Oxindine The Novitiate
Colin Pope Suspect
Phone Call to Plan Abortion, as Flood
Richard Prins Pantoum Found in Tom Waits Lyrics
Adam Scheffler Carson Daly
J. Robert Lennon Eleven
Marriage (Love)
Marriage (Sick)
Robert Lopez Goodnight Maybe Forever
Lucas Southworth Copycats
A Conversation with Cate Marvin
A Conversation with William T. Vollmann

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