Willow Springs: Issue 76
Shoulder You Wonder 2002 (detail), 2002 by Joan Snyder, Oil, acrylic, herbs & fabric on linen 70” x 68”. Courtesy of the Artist.
Willow Springs 76 Fall 2015

Devin Becker Ben Lerner
Koan Head
Caylin Capra-Thomas Chain
Year of Coming Close
Maggie MK Hess We Got Lost. We Were Never Found.
At the Aquarium with God
M Ross Henry Chaw
Brad Johnson Ghostly Demarcations
Laura Kasischke Sensual Pleasures
Kathryn Nuernberger The Saint Girl Opens the Window and Closes It as She Pleases
Laura Schulkind Norway Spruce
Ed Skoog 1978 Buick Estate Wagon
Playing Banjo
Richard Tyler Alabama Public Television
Elizabeth Vignali As I Comb Lice from my Daughters' Hair
Corrie Williamson Mastodon
Wes Trexler North Jutland Blues
Jess Walter Cheston!
Willow Springs Fiction Prize
Carissa Halston Call It a Map
Fiona Winston Eagles, Owls, and Other Birds of Prey
A Conversation with Kim Addonizio

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