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Tom Howard
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"I wrote a few lines in the son's voice, just to hear how he talked. He reminded me of Huck Finn, and I realized that it needed to be an adventure story, not a tragedy. And it needed to be funny, not despite but because of the pretty awful things that happen. Once I understood that those were the beats—a dark, funny adventure—it all made (weird, horrifying) sense."

2014 Willow Springs Fiction Prize winner.
Robert Long Foreman
Robert Long Foreman's picture
"When I wrote this story in early 2012, I thought I could see what would make someone want to buy a gun for reasons other than self-defense or murder."

2013 Willow Springs Fiction Prize winner.
Katherine Conner
Katherine Conner's picture
"I wanted to capture the tenuous nature of belief. Not belief in God, exactly, or even ghosts. But belief itself, conviction, and how difficult it is to ever really grasp."

2012 Willow Springs Fiction Prize winner.
Sarah Hulse
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"Years ago I saw a video clip of a man with a severe form of anterograde amnesia, and I suppose that’s when the idea for 'Sine Die' began to germinate."

2011 Willow Springs Fiction Prize winner.
Stacia Saint Owens
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"My grandfather was a police detective in St. Louis, and I've inherited an interest in true crime."

2010 Willow Springs Fiction Prize winner.
Heather Brittain Bergstrom
Heather Brittain Bergstrom's picture
"Much in the same way male characters partake in the mining, damming and intense agriculture that have partially destroyed the West, my female characters destroy their bodies."

2009 Willow Springs Fiction Prize winner.

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