Willow Springs: Issue 69
Palouse Hillside Farm by Katherine Nelson, Charcoal on paper.
Courtesy of the Artist.
Willow Springs 69 Winter 2012

Lauri Anderson On His Latest Dive, My Husband Catches a Humboldt Squid On Camera
Mary Lou Buschi The Physics of Falling
S. Whitney Holmes Quantum Leap
Adam Houle To the Bed Bug
Austin LaGrone Tableau with Rockets Redglare
Joseph Millar Day of the Dead
Carl Phillips And It Begins Like This
Kathlene Postma He Was A Hell of A Cat
Steve Price Bravissimo
Paisley Rekdal W.C. Fields Takes A Walk
Rosenthal Glove Mold, 1920
Kristin Robertson For Red-Winged Blackbirds
Michael Martin Shea How to Say, "I Was Scared of Fire as a Kid"
Craig van Rooyen Yosemite Falls
Diane Lefer Sin-Tra-La!
Scott Onak The Fluency of Dreams
Eric Scot Tryon Monopoly Money
Matthew Vollmer Dog Lover
Steve Adams Balloons
Melissa Leavitt Show Off
A Conversation with Matthew Dickman
A Conversation with Robert Lopez