Willow Springs: Issue 52
Cover Art by Unknown Artist
Courtesy of the Artist
Willow Springs 52 June 2003

Thomas Lux Birds Nailed to Trees
Boatloads of Mummies
Say You're Breathing
The Late Ambassadorial Light
Peacocks in Twilight
Lawrence Goeckel The Stare of Drowned Statuary
George Looney Gene Study Shows Whales are Close Relatives of Hippos
Emoke Pulay Hungarians in America
Russell Thorburn Winter Rides Her Bicycle Uphill
Leslie Adrienne Miller To the Postmodernist or He Doesn't Like [Truth]
David Romtvedt Science
John Hogden This Moon, These Fifty Years
Outside the Coolawhatchie Blimpie Gas 'N Go
Paula Bohince Eating Fish in Pittsburgh
A. J. Rathbun Matinee
Angie Hogan Bootleg
Libby Wagner After Arguing
Robert Olmstead My Husband and Your Story
Ander Monson Residue
Melvin Si Innf The Heart-Smart Diet
Nonfiction in Translation
Guiseppa Antonia Mallimaci Sabor a Mi Immigrant Bride
  (trans. Edward Vasta)
Vachel Lindsay Poetry Award
Misty Harper Splitting
George Garret Fiction Award
Gary Fincke Evolution: The Blazer Sestinii
A Conversation with Phillip Lopate

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